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URBACONSULT, S.A. has recognised reliability expert collaborators on specific issues such as special structures, geotechnical engineering, cartography, environmental projects, etc.

URBACONSULT, S.A. has participated in all sorts of studies, projects and works related to civil engineering such as: highways, railways, hydraulic works, transport, environment, bridges and structures, urban development, building… taking part in all phases of the investment process, from planning to works. In particular, URBACONSULT S.A. has had a major role in the development process of new roads and rail infrastructures, highlighting the drafting of projects of highways and roads with a total length exceeding 800 km.

Also, for more than ten years, the company collaborates with the spanish Ministerio de Fomento overseeing highways projects and urban developments. URBACONSULT S.A. has provided technical assistance to the supervision of more than 240 projects throughout the Spanish geography. This confidence is logical consequence of the high level of skills and technical knowledge.

URBACONSULT S.A. is awarded with the Quality Certifications UNE-EN ISO/9001:2000 and UNE-EN/ISO 14001:2004.

Estudios y Servicios Técnicos